Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gaming review (Call of duty-Modern warfare 2)

Call of duty-Modern warfare 2

Call of duty modern warfare 2 (cod 4) a game widely anticipated on arrival and didn’t seem to disappoint, this game played on any gaming platform would undoubtedly be enjoyed by the masses in ensuring; extraordinary graphics, great game play, easy and straight forward controls as well as many other game modes on vast and exciting maps.

The true detail put into each map has been crafted at exceptional high level of detail from whether it’s an arctic wasteland debreed with train wreckage or an illuminated theme park, each map provides any type of gaming style by providing different terrains, building designs, vehicles and landscape changes through to combatant warfare.

Each weapon comes specified in its own class to make your selection quick and easy so you can jump into game play and start having fun from assault rifles to submachine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, machine pistols, rocket launchers and shotguns, all weapons are well designed down to there original look. Each weapon has its own style of operation from various shooting effects to different sounds and when needed at last resort or tight spaces a handy swift combat knife is a saint in tricky situations. Customising weapons is fun and great to being your advantage over enemy opponents, customising guns will include red dot sights to grenade launcher or even extra ammo no matter what no 1 weapon is ever the same, same goes as player costume that will automatically change to which type of soldier you have choose to be whether a sniper or assault soldier.

Perks have been my favourite feature incorporated into the game making it yet more fun and challenging, when playing in multiplayer mode getting executive kills award you with special features to aid you in victory such like uav’s to see were enemies are and helicopters to hunt down foes or the ultimate nuclear tactic to ensure victory. Selecting which perks you want depending on your skill benefits you to anyway you want or to suit game mode or map.

Looking into game modes you come across something to suit you due to the many different modes the game supplies, all for all is a game mode were you can be a lone wolf and fight for you and only you or team death match working as a unit to reach high scores and get more kills, headquarters and capture flags require tactics and hardcore game modes provide you with limited supply making the game yet even more challenging it really is up to you on which direction you go.

The games story line has far differed from its original warfare background putting more scenic missions in more different terrain and interesting new and old character plot twists, each level gives you a taste of different military life from being a navy seal to assault soldier an even a stealthy sniper.

The game's new mode is Special Ops which can be played solo or in co-op, both local and online. It's essentially a series of mini-missions; their design is similar to the epilogue mission in COD4's campaign mode, "Mile High Club". They're divided into four groups – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta – and are based on sections within the campaign's levels. They include scenarios such as defending a raised platform in a snow-covered shipyard, racing snowmobiles across tundra and taking out guerrillas in a favela in Rio de Janeiro while avoiding civilian casualties. A couple of fan-favorites from COD4 are also included, such as the chilling Death From Above mission in AC-130 Spectre Gunship. Special Ops range from one to three stars in their level of difficulty, and players can use the stars they earn to unlock more challenges. There are 23 missions in all, and a lot of them are highly addictive; the temptation to better one's time in the snowmobile race is particularly compelling.

Modern warfare 2 in my opinion is well crafted and always entertains no matter how much it is played, simple straight forward to use highly enjoyable and undoubtedly one of the best games I have ever played keeping me and friends in touch through online chat and meeting new people along the way.

November the 9th comes the new arrival of Call of duty black ops, set out on a similar theme black ops is filled with new and exciting developments but until I do a full and in depth look I will have to leave you here until my next review of Call of duty black ops see you then.

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  1. cool site i really didnt now about getting this game til i read this i was pretty keen but not sure wether to rush out and buy it, thanks.